Institute for Applied Plastics Research (iRAP)

At the iRAP institute the majority of activities in polymer processing are covered, with a concentration on two main areas: the materials themselves, their improvement and selection, and the processes linked to developing ecodesign in plastics. There is a focus on injection molding and extrusion, key areas in the companies working in the plastics field with which we collaborate.

By adopting an approach that spans from choosing and improving materials to constructing a part or a mold, the work focuses on optimizing the whole chain of processes in the plastics industry. Our industrial partners can become increasingly competitive thanks to the transfer of new knowledge. This is backed up by a full range of continuing professional training courses.

Core competences

The institute conducts research into innovations from materials through processes to plastic products. Polymers with high added value, i.e. with improved properties, are an especially interesting research field for the institute. Transformation processes associated with these new materials as well as methods to optimize the products generally are also covered in the institute’s research programs.